What kind of stretching is most beneficial?

By PSSM Staff,

There are many schools of thought when it comes to stretching. For years, static stretching, holding a stretch in one position for 30 secs or longer, was thought to be the ideal way to stretch. New research has shed some light on some possible drawbacks of static stretching as well as a relatively newer concept of active isolated stretching. Here are some of the basic principles: Static stretching v. Active Isolated Stretch Static Stretching Hold stretch for 60secs Decreased blood […]

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Sneaky Movement

By Gary Fuschini, PTA

I often hear people say they do not have time for exercise. Quality of life improves when we exercise so I can suggest a few ways to fit more activity into our busy schedules. Take the stairs, skip the elevator. Park farther away from your destination; force yourself to walk. Ride your bike to work or to do errands; you don’t always have to drive! Play with your children; don’t simply watch them play, join in. Use a convertible standing […]

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Staying Healthy Through the Spring Sports Season

By Jim Tholany, DPT

Spring is finally here and those running into the warmth before warming up might find themselves out for the season. Dr. Jim Tholany, director of rehabilitation at Performance Spine and Sports Medicine, said the warmer weather leads to a resurgence of activity and recreational activities that lead people into physical therapy clinics across the northeast. “The most common spring activities I see injuries in involve running. In most cases, most people’s attempt at fitness makes them wind up injured,” said […]

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Text Neck

By PSSM Staff,

Don’t let your neck pay the price of keeping in touch The key to avoiding the latest back problem is looking up. This relatively new ailment seen by medical professionals over the last decade is known as text neck. This problem has been rising with the increased use of smart phones. Chiropractor Dr. Susann Clothier of Performance Spine and Sports Medicine said symptoms can include muscle spasm, tension, headaches, radiation of numbness, tingling, pain and weakness down one or both […]

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The Importance of Dynamic and Static Stretches

By PSSM Staff,

Before you go outside for your run, remember that it is essential to prepare your body for the challenge it is about to take on. Give yourself an extra 5 to 10 minutes to perform a dynamic warm-up prior to your run or work out. A balanced dynamic warm-up is the best way to increase blood flow to the muscles and warm up your fast twitch muscle fibers through quick stretches. A few examples of exercises include walking high knees, […]

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Healthy Hips for Life

By PSSM Staff,

The adage a body in motion tends to stay in motion is especially true when it comes to healthy hips. Krista Rubini, DPT, of Performance Spine and Sports Medicine (PSSM) in Newtown, Pa., said that movement isn’t merely about keeping the joint active, the act of motion increases blood flow and nutrients to the area and can aid in healing. “Running, biking, hiking and walking are all great activities to keep the hips strong and these activities also provide a […]

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Rotator Cuff: Solutions for Shoulder Pain

By Mahmud Ibrahim, M.D.

Whether there is a chill in the air or summer is heating up, seasonal activities can lead to shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries. Dr. Mahmud Ibrahim with Performance Spine and Sports Medicine of Lawrenceville said that shoulder injuries are a common complaint heard year-round.   “In the winter the cold usually flares up arthritis. Shoveling heavy snow can also aggravate shoulder pain,” said Ibrahim. He said that slips and falls are also a consideration in the winter months, as slips […]

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How Healthy Am I Really?

By Matthias H. Wiederholz, M.D., Founder

Those of us that try to eat right, exercise and take nutrients to improve health hope that these efforts translate into improved quality and quantity of life. But how do we know? Sure, we can look at blood work such as cholesterol and this gives some of the answer. Blood pressure is also important. But how can we actually assess the health of our vascular system from a functional perspective? Simple… EndoPAT. EndoPAT is a diagnostic tool that measures endothelial […]

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