PSSM muscle memory 1

Muscle Memory is Behind Every Move

By PSSM Staff,

From infancy bodies begin to make connections in the muscles that set a road map for the future of movement, according to Christopher Lybarger, physical therapist at Performance Spine & Sports Medicine in Lawrenceville, NJ. Muscle memory begins the moment we start learning how to move. “The aspects of our life effected by motor movements are in every motor task or movement from walking and running to grasping and drinking from a cup or brushing our teeth,” said Lybarger. It’s […]

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gluten freedom

Gluten or Gluten-Free?

By PSSM Staff,

Today gluten-free foods are everywhere and considered as an overall health-promoting type of food. But why is this? While gluten is a protein found it wheat, barley and rye, think of it more like glue as it helps dough stick together. Since our bodies are designed to be able to digest a wide variety of gluten based products, but our modern diet is mostly composed of a single form of gluten-containing grains. Our digestive systemis not equipped to handle such […]

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Centuries old benefits of coconut oil come into vogue

By PSSM Staff,

Coconut oil is being touted as a new cure-all, but Our staff said it’s no fad, the benefits of coconut oil have been known in other cultures for centuries. One of the most debated claims of coconut oils is that oil pulling, a practice where one swishes a tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes, can help reduce bacteria in the mouth. our staff said some people think there is only pseudo-science behind the practice, but it’s […]

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PSSM Aug posture

Get Clued in to Bad Posture

By PSSM Staff,

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to solve the case of a “C” shaped back, when the curve of the spine moves away from its intended “S” shape, posture is almost always the culprit. Dr. Chris Cush of Performance Spine and Sports Medicine in Newtown said that bad posture from desk jobs is extremely common today. “We live in the perfect environment for bad posture,” said Cush. “People are glued to their computers, we are always on our cellphones looking down. […]

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PSSM August golf

Golf: A Game for Life

By Jason Green, D.C.

Hockey, basketball and football all have an expiration date, but golf can last a lifetime. Dr. Jason Green of Performance Spine and Sports Medicine of Newtown was an avid hockey player but as he aged he knew his hockey days were coming to a close. He sought a new sport, something he could play anywhere, anytime. He turned to golf and found that it suited him well. He was good enough to be an assistant golf pro at top tier […]

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PSSM July runners

The Physical Cost of Running: Common Injuries

By Mathieu Lentine, D.C.

The glory of running and the defeat of injury are both well known to Dr. Mathieu Lentine, D.C. Lentine was a competitive runner for nearly 16 years. He ran in high school, college and post collegiately. “I never liked to run but loved to race so that was what my training was always geared around,” Lentine said. In high school and college he ran cross country and track and has ran every distance up through marathon. It was all of […]

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How to Make Volleyball a Day at the Beach

By Judelkiss Todd, DPT

Getting down and dirty for beach volleyball can be a win every time with the right preparation. Dr. Judelkiss Todd from Performance Spine & Sports Medicine serves up tips for this favorite sport, but she warns even the best prepared people might feel the effects of a day of beach volleyball. “Sand is tough to play in. You’ll be slower, you’ll tire faster and your vertical jump will be reduced to millimeters,” said Todd. “The quadriceps and calves will burn, […]

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Benefits of Coconut Water

By Gary Fuschini, PTA

The clear liquid found on the inside of immature, green coconuts is known as coconut water. It has a mildly sweet, nutty flavor and is contained in coconuts which are between 5-7 months of age. Coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk, which is extracted from the meat of the mature coconut. Consumption of coconut water has become very popular especially among those who exercise. Containing many vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the purported health benefits are numerous. These […]

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