Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Pain Newtown, PA

The shoulder is a very complex body part. Because of this, there are not many physicians that are true experts on the complete workup and treatment of shoulder pain WITHOUT SURGERY. Shoulder pain can make your arm feel “heavy” or make it hard to reach for or lift things over your head. The pain might come with neck pain or headache. You might go to the doctor and get “a shot” or get weeks to months of physical therapy. Maybe an MRI is taken and chances are if there is a “rotator cuff tear” a surgeon might suggest an operation.

What can a chiropractor do for shoulder injuries and shoulder pain?

What can a physical therapist do for shoulder injuries and shoulder pain?

What can a physical therapist do for shoulder injuries and shoulder pain

What can an Athletic Trainer do for shoulder pain?

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What if there was a better way? What if you knew that most serious causes shoulder pain or injury rarely need surgery? What if there is hope for patients that have had years of shoulder pain and years of failed treatment? At Performance Spine & Sports Medicine (PSSM for short), the doctors specialize in the diagnosis of the many potential causes of shoulder pain and in the treatment of shoulder injury without surgery. Patients that are treated at our facility may have:

Rotator Cuff tears
Shoulder bursitis
Labral Tears or SLAP tears
Biceps Tendinitis
Shoulder Arthritis
Frozen shoulder

At PSSM, the doctors are the leading local experts in Regenerative Injections that may repair tendon, ligament or muscle tears (such as rotator cuff tears) and strengthen shoulders. Ask about cutting-edge procedures like Prolotherapy or Plasma Rich Plasma (PRP) to help regenerate the joint.

Lastly, shoulder pain can be associated with neck pain or muscle spasms in the shoulder and neck. It can disturb sleep and make the arm “heavy” when doing simple tasks. Poor neck posture can worsen shoulder pain and must be addressed. In addition, certain neck conditions can feel like shoulder pain. At PSSM, we have a unique combination of Medical Intervention, Chiropractic treatment, Physical Therapy, and Nutritional Intervention to treat shoulder pain and have helped hundreds of patients improve not only performance in sport but in everyday life activities.