Physical therapy is a clinical discipline in which trained professionals use their knowledge to assess injuries and then provide various services to help restore, develop, and maintain functional movement in patients that have lost it.

Physical Therapy is meant to treat pain, rehabilitate injuries, develop the proper muscles where muscle imbalances may be present, and to teach injury prevention in the future.
At Performance Spine & Sports Medicine our doctors of physical therapy (DPT) help restore and maximize a patient’s daily activities leading to an overall better quality of life, that may have once been reduce greatly due to injury or pain. Our patient focused physical therapy platform allows us to learn and understand our patient’s physical needs and limitations. We can customize your course of treatment based on your specific needs whether you’re a high end athlete, a week end warrior, an office professional, an expecting mother or a mother that has just given birth.


Neurological Rehabilitation

Physical therapists at PSSM understand the complexity of these disorders and provide individualized one on one treatment with ...Read More 

Women’s Health

Women’s health issues range from pregnancy-related complications, pelvic floor dysfunction osteoporosis to fibromyalgia. ...Read More 

Pre and Post Natal

A pregnant woman’s body goes through some very obvious and significant physical changes over the course of her 9 month pregnancy. ...Read More 


Our clinicians include highly skilled sports medicine physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and exercise specialists. ...Read More 


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