Patient Testimonial – Sonia

Sonia discusses her experience

Sonia discusses her experience at Performance.

Patient Testimonial – Lisa

Lisa discusses her experience

Lisa discusses how our multidisciplinary approach alleviated her pain.

Patient Testimonial – Jeff

Jeff discusses his experience

Jeff reflects on our customized planned approach to nonsurgical orthopedic care.

Patient Testimonial – Helen

Helen discusses her experience

Helen describes her lower back pain and how all the clinical disciplines are under one roof.

Patient Testimonial – Adrienne

Adrienne discusses her experience

Adrienne discusses her back pain and the excellent experience with our clinical staff.

Patient Testimonial – Fred

Fred discusses his experience

Fred shares with us his experience at PSSM.

Patient Testimonial – Ryan

Ryan discusses his experience

Ryan Lupo testimony at Performance Spine & Sports.

Patient Testimonial – Elaine

Elaine discusses her experience

Elaine shares with us her experience at PSSM.

Patient Testimonial – Thomas

Thomas discusses his experience

Mr. Pangaldi is an avid (grand master) surfer in Puerto Rico and visits NJ for the summer.