Physical Therapist, Rehab Manager

Dr. Jim Tholany earned his clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy as well as his Bachelors of Science in Biology from Seton Hall University. He joined the Performance Spine team as a staff Physical Therapist in the summer of 2010. His passion is to develop and educate athletes to prevent injury and rehab them back to perform optimally on the field, track or court. He draws influences and incorporates treatments from the highly regarded Physical Therapists and strength and conditioning specialists. He recently completed the Spine Active Release Technique course in Austin, Tx and utilizes this along with other manual treatments and corrective exercise to allow patients to return to their best.

Outside of work Jim is an avid sports fan particularly tennis, soccer and basketball. His favorite athlete of all time is Rafael Nadal and he rarely, if ever, misses any of his matches. He currently resides in Princeton, NJ.